Aphrael Whippets

 Family in Sheffield about 1958


Demerlay Dawn Breaker

History behind Aphrael

Dawn ...

My love affair with whippets began at a very young age. I was just 3yrs old and had a fall from my scooter resulting in having stitches in my lip. Feeling sorry for me, my parents took me visit to an uncle who had a litter of Jack Russell pups. Of course, like any child, I thought they were wonderful and pestered to have one. After much deliberation my dad said if I saved my birthday money I could have a dog but not a Jack Russell.
My birthday came and I hadn't forgotten, like they thought I would. My Dad asked me, "What do you want for your birthday?"
"A puppy!" was my immediate reply.
So for my 4th birthday we went to look at a litter of Whippet puppies which my Dad had seen advertised. I remember it was a family outing, after choosing a dog puppy (Ricky) we travelled back with him curled up in my Nans hat!

When my Aunt saw him, she fell in love with him, so we went back for the litter brother for her!!

The pups' were racing bred and so we decided to go along with Dads friend to some race meets, where they raced his dogs, Gyp and Nelson ( a one eyed flyer).

I remember the excitement watching them chase the lure and couldn't wait for the day I could race my pup. However what a disaster that was. We made the mistake of trapping them together, the lure set off, the traps opened, both came out and ran 10yrd then turned tail and ran off in the other direction playing.

I loved the racing but somhow knew it wasnt for my pup but did continue to take Gyp and Nelson for many a year, often taking the role of 'Lure Girl' at these meets.

When Ricky died my Dad looked round for another Whippet and heard of a litter bred by Molly Head (Demerlay) which was sired by Akeferry Jimmy. This dog was the litter brother to Richard's Bojangles Buccaneer although we'd never meet until many years later.