Aphrael Whippets


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Aphrael Angharad (Hari)

Aphrael Aoibhgreine (What)



Hari has had many wins at Open and Championship show level from Minor Puppy classes through to her appearance in the Veteran classes.


'What' was (almost) always entered in the class above Hari, as she matured more swiftly than her sister (we tried showing both in the same class as puppies but it just didn't work!!). Unfortunately this meant that What was often a little out of her depth with the older and more mature bitches.


Hari was mated to Ch Int Ch Rivarco Classic Jazz and produced our C litter on the 4th June 2004 with 4 dogs and 3 bitches.


Her 2nd litter were born on 19th May 2006 and the sire was Nevedith Lfa Lord of the Ring ShCM, this litter produced our lovely Spider.

Aphrael Angharad (Hari)


Aphrael Aoibhgreine (What)

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Aphrael Aoife

Aphrael Aillen Mac Midhna

Hari and What, 'Aphrael's' first home bred litter.


Born 28th November 2000



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Hari aged 6 months

whatbw what12060101

What aged 6 months

What has also had many wins at both open and championship show level. What has had a fulfilling show career, unfortunately, in later years, taking back seat to her litter sister. What gained her stud book number at City of Birmingham 2003 under Mr Colin Ashmore.


What was retired from the ring but has also made a great come back in Veteran!!