Aphrael Whippets


  1. Hi Dawn love this page its fab
    Hope to see one from 2010 soon that would be fab!!!!Good luck

    Hannahxx :)

    (Posted on 2011-02-10 19:10:00 by Hannah *scarletfair*)
  2. Super site. Loved looking at and reading about all Dotty's relatives.

    (Posted on 2010-03-13 15:04:00 by Flo Harper.)
  3. What a fantastic page, so interesting and I love the pictures.

    (Posted on 2010-03-09 20:45:00 by Juley Bennett)

Top CC Winning Whippet 2009

Ch Nut Chip of Nevedith

nevedith nut chip2

Top Winning Bitch

Ch Huntinghill Jazzalicious

Ch Huntinghill Jazzalicious 1 JW

CC Winners 2009

Dog CC Winners Total CC's gained in 2009
Ch Nut Chip of Nevedith 9
Courthill Coeur De Lyon 3
Benzfreya Drumbeat 2
Ch Nevedith Mfa Markwis at Marima 2
Crosscop Brilliant Thats Me 2
Elmanash Major General 2
Huntinghill the Jazz Man 2
Lakeisle Rainlord of Railfield JW 2
Loroli Authorized By Derohan JW 2
Mossbawnhill Exclusive 1
Juneric Midnight Mischief 1
Beetelian Indian Brave 1
Ch Barnesmore Celtic Tiger 1
Demerlay Rythmnblues 1
Ch Gilnockie Attitude 1
Faracre Finale 1
Janelyn Lemtec Lacrosse 1
Lux Ch Peperone Pascal JW 1
Osterfen Diamond at Selinko 1
Ch Peperone Pure Gold 1
Rowangarth Solarwind JW ShCM 1
Bitch CC Winners Total CC's gained in 2009
Ch Huntinghill Jazzalicious 6
Ch Courthill Cast A Shadow 5
Ch Supeta’s Bootilicious Babe 5
Collooney Hot To Handle at Chapleigh 2
Edengrove Fair Dinkum 2
Ir Ch Mossbawnhill It's All About Me 2
Ch Collooney Golden Girl of Sheol 1
Ch Oakbark Mystery Romance at Brownsover 1
Ardencote Just a Cracker 1
Vanjonstone Korda Classic 1
Collooney Tainted Love of Khabaray 1
Triken Timeless Star 1
Int Ch BlueSprings Tiffany 1
Tradewind Touch Of Magic 1
Jzan Zee Zee with Yialousa 1
Lakeisle Love Fled to Railfield 1
Palmik Magical Whispers 1
Peperone Pieris 1
Permadon Mystery Girl at Astri 1
Rearsbylea Misty Morning 1
Spinneyhill Nutmeg for Pasharif 1
Spyanfly Sharon Stone 1