Aphrael Whippets


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Breed History

It is clear that the whippet type dog has been around for centuries being depicted in many Greek and Roman paintings.


There are many theories about where the whippet derived from, some say that the whippet is an outcross from the Bedlington terrier, the Manchester terrier, Old English White terrier, and the Italian Greyhound but how does one set about proving this?


The whippets popularity in this country rose in the 1860's with the introduction of Whippet racing.  


The dogs were mainly kept by miners, or other manual workers, in the North of England. There were race tracks in most of the industrial towns and the men would meet on a Sunday afternoon to race their dogs.




The Whippet thus became known as the poor mans Greyhound.


The dogs were also used as a means of hunting to put a cheap meal on the table.


The Whippet was first recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1888 and it was not until 1891 that the English Kennel Club accepted the breed. Challenge Certificates were not awarded in the breed until 1896 and in 1899 The Whippet Club was formed.


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