Aphrael Whippets


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Blue (50p)


Aphrael Lonesome for U

To the left you can see 'U' as her pregnancy progressed.

The litter was due 30 November and by 2nd December, as she showed no signs of whelping, we paid a visit to the vets. At first sight the vet thought she was having a phantom but after examination found there to be one large puppy and advised a C-Section.


U had no milk to feed him and after much perseverance on our part she rejected him. Dawn became his surrogate mother, feeding every 2 hours day and night for the first few weeks of his life.

The Celtic "B" litter produced 1 Silver Brindle dog

was born by C-Section on 2nd December 2002. 


6 weeks in whelp

u8wks u2511023

8 weeks in whelp

oliver bluehead

Blue stayed here with us at Aphrael until he was 13 months old, when he discovered the opposite sex.  He now lives with Dawn's mum and dad

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